AliExpress is one of the biggest and oldest e-commerce marketplaces which allows Chinese individuals and companies to sell their products directly to foreign consumers.

Similar to eBay, sellers on Aliexpress can be either companies or individuals. Aliexpress is different from Amazon because it acts only as an eCommerce platform and doesn’t sell their own products directly to consumers.

This article will cover everything you need to know about choosing suppliers on AliExpress. You’ll be able to find the best dropshipping suppliers that will help you both make more sales and grow your online store with satisfied and returning customers.


Why it’s Important to Find the Good Dropshipping Suppliers for Your Online Store?

There are many suppliers on Aliexpress but you need carefully choose good ones for your dropshipping store. Your supplier is responsible for the product quality, delivery speed, and handling returns and refunds. And, your buyers are the ones who control whether your online business will succeed.

A lot of beginners pick their suppliers based on product cost but it’s a big mistake. The lowest price is not necessary to make your online store competitive and profitable. If your supplier doesn’t respond to your messages and you are receiving a lot of complaints from customers it will destroy your business. If you want to run a long term sustainable business It’s crucial to deal with reliable suppliers

Follow the steps below and you will find the best AliExpress suppliers for your dropshipping store.

How to Find the Best AliExpress Suppliers for Your Dropshipping Store?

It’s super important to have a good supplier. You can create successful long term business or close your store after many negative feedbacks from customers.

Learn 6 steps to find the best AliExpress dropshipping suppliers!

It will help you improve your dropshipping store.

1. Filter and sorting the product search results

Search for the best AliExpress supplier all starts with typing in the product you want. The default sort setting is on ‘Best Match.’ Don’t sort by price, change that to orders.

Now, you’ll see the most successful products and sellers with the highest customer feedback rating.


Notice that green frames around the products are from Oberlo. It will save you time by displaying the ePacket/No ePacket, shipping price and processing time. Check Oberlo!

2. Analyze aliexpress suppliers performance

The next step is to analyze the sellers performance on the top.

The first parameter is that the supplier must have at least a 96% – 97% positive feedback and above.

Bonus is that all the 3 seller ratings are green.

Make sure that your supplier has been active for at least 12 months on AliExpress. That’s because many new sellers on AliExpress platform do not have enough experience providing high-quality products and delivering them fast.

This is the first supplier when filtering by orders.

This supplier has a 96.3% Positive feedback and everything only shipping is red. Better to go with green seller ratings but many sellers with that orange 4.6 ratings still perform well.

This seller also has a Top Brand badge. Its another good indicator but seller rating is more important.

The Top Brands are the best sellers on AliExpress. These are popular brands or authorized resellers of a brand.

Aliexpress Top Brand – Learn More!

The second supplier has 91.4% positive feedback. That’s below the 96% range and all the 3 seller ratings are red.

The ‘Item as described’ and ‘Communication’ ratings are standing on the edge at 4.5. It seems that the sold items don’t fully match their description, and there are some communication issues.

Shipping speed has a 4.3 rating, which is a big no-no. If you will have problems with shipping times, buyers will start requesting order cancellations and refunds on products.

Now you can move on to the next step.

3. Check the product reviews

it is very important to check customer reviews on the product that you want to sell.

Reading the customer reviews will give you a better understanding of how this Aliexpress supplier performs when it comes to delivery times, item descriptions, and overall product quality.

Sometimes a product can be not as described or buyers often receiving product with defects.

Pay attention to the reviews it will help you understand product pros and cons.

4. Check the shipping and delivery time

The fourth step to finding a high-quality dropshipping supplier is to check their shipping times.

Do you wish to learn 10 best countries to dropship? And, what countries to avoid targeting?

Check Our Article – Top 10 Best and Worst Countries to Dropship

Make sure that supplier ships products to the countries you’re targeting.

Pick the right shipping method, don’t always choose the cheapest or the one who is free. Always try to use shipping with tracking.

Providing tracking information protects you from having to refund your buyers in such cases without being reimbursed yourself by your supplier. 

5. Look at their guarantees badges

Aliexpress providing Buyer Protection. You can find badge Under ‘Buy Now’ button on the product page.

This means is that if ‘item not received’ or ‘item not as described’ Aliexpress will review your case and assist you if the seller will not respond on your messages.

To open a dispute, log in to AliExpress and go to “My Orders”. Here you will see the details on all your AliExpress orders. The button “Open Dispute” will to the right of the product’s name. It’s available for both open and finished orders.

6. Contact with the supplier through aliexpress messages

This step is also important. It will show how active your supplier. You will be able to check their communication speed and quality.

If your supplier replies longer than 24 hours, you might want to consider moving to the next supplier.
Because you don’t want your buyers waiting a few days to get replies from you.

Ask them if you allowed to dropship their product on your Shopify website & marketing platforms like Facebook?

A good tip is that you can create a message template with questions and send the same message to all of them. It will save you a lot of time.

What questions should you ask these suppliers?

10 Questions to Help You Find Awesome Dropshipping Suppliers


Now you have all of the information to pick the right supplier from Aliexpress to your dropshipping store.
Aliexpress sellers are your business partners. They can help you to grow your online store.
Don’t pick the cheapest suppliers, pick them carefully. Follow our steps to avoid problems with your dropshipping business in future.

Thank you for reading this article.

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